Selected Portfolios



Athenex is a clinical stage company that in-licensed a oral absorption platform that produces oral formulation of proven chemotherapy drugs.

BTC is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the innovative biologics for the treatment of human malignancies and auto-immune disorders.

FogPharma is pioneering cell-penetrating miniproteins (CPMPs), which are specifically designed to target cancer-causing proteins inside cancer cells and neutralize them.

InnoCare is a biopharmaceutical company focused on immunology-based therapeutics in the autoimmune, allergy/inflammation, immuno-oncology and fibrosis disease areas to improve the lives of patients.

Gossamer Bio is developing multiple candidate products that are designed to modulate the immune system in order to treat the autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Galera Therapeutics is discovering and developing novel mechanism-based therapies that have the potential to improve both treatment and outcomes for patients with cancer.

Bolt Biotherapeutics is a start-up with compelling technology from Dr. Engleman’s Lab at Stanford University, which demonstrated complete cures in numerous cancer models. The company is backed by strong life sciences investors and is early in its growth curve, seeking bright, highly motivated individuals that will be the company’s future leaders to help it further develop and bring to patients novel and curative biotherapies.

A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with the goal of curing cancer by developing targeted alpha therapeutics. They see targeted alpha therapeutics as the next generation of radiation therapy. At Fusion, they are pushing the boundaries of science to create innovative cancer treatments. They believe that targeted alpha therapeutics represent the evolution of radiopharmaceuticals which holds great promise to improve the lives of patients with cancer.

Oncologie is developing next-generation biologics and small molecules. Oncologie’s portfolio covers the spectrum of the cancer immunology landscape. Our teams in Boston and Shanghai are working together to bring new therapies to patients.


Harmony Biosciences is an innovative biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing novel treatment options for patients with rare diseases.

Selonterra develops therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease based on breakthrough, novel mechanisms on genetics and gene regulatory networks.

Karuna Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company targeting muscarinic cholinergic receptors for the treatment of psychosis and cognitive impairment across central nervous system (CNS) disorders.


Angiotech specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance surgical knives and wound closure products and have done so for over 40 years.

EarGo is a US-based hearing aid manufacturer. Eargo devices fit in ear canal for sound amplification. First version launched in Jun 2015 covering over 35 states in US. Re-launched 2nd version in Feb 2017 with an installed base of over 2,800 users.

Rani is a pre-clinical stage oral delivery platform based in US. The company converts best-selling biologic injectable drugs into robotic pills.

SacraMed is a US-based medtech company formed by InCube Labs (“ICL”) to focus on development of sacral nerve stimulator (“SNS”) for treatment of overactive bladder (OAB).


Alkahest has a mission is to enrich the health and vitality of humankind through the discovery and development of innovative medicines for the treatment of age-related diseases.

Fountain Therapeutics was founded with the belief that a future in which we live healthier lives longer is more desirable than one in which we continue to be afflicted by the disease of aging.

Navitor’s mission is to discover and develop a new class of medicines that restore normal activity to mTORC1 to treat age-related diseases and improve human health.


AccuraGen was founded in California 2013, pioneering the development of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) based liquid biopsy technology for personalized cancer treatment.

ClearLight is working to revolutionize the diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease by enabling next generation technologies for non-destructively processing and digitally analyzing tissue in 3D.

Grail is a diagnostics company formed by Illumina. The company is developing and commercializing a blood test for asymptomatic cancer screening via detection of circulating tumor DNA.

SomaLogic developed a new proteomics technology that makes protein measurement easier which empowers individuals to use their highly personalized protein information to manage their individual health and wellness in real time.

Twist is one of the first companies to engineer and commercialize silicon-based production of synthetic DNA via an automated platform. Employed 150+ professionals based in US and Israel.

Encodia is developing new technologies to create scalable and parallelized approaches to protein analysis.

Omniome is developing a proprietary DNA sequencing platform capable of delivering unsurpassed sequencing accuracy.


Welltok is the leading enterprise Software as a Service company for consumer health.

Welltok AppTec Group is a leading global pharmaceutical, medical device open-access capability and technology platform company with global operations.


Based in Shanghai, China, Arctic Vision Limited is a biotech company focusing on the development of innovative ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, biologicals and medical devices. We target on breakthrough therapies and technologies with potential to revolutionize the eye care conventions, and bring cure to the incurable to address sight-threatening diseases with high unmet needs.


Stealth BioTherapeutics is developing therapies to treat mitochondrial dysfunction associated with genetic mitochondrial diseases and common diseases of aging.

CHROMADERM is developing a first-in-class treatment for melasma and other skin hyperpigmentation disorders. The team will in-license and re-purpose Ruboxistaurin, a potent and selective protein kinase C-beta (“PKCβ”) inhibitor from Eli Lilly. Unlike the existing skin-lightening agents, Ruboxistaurin presents a potentially safer and more efficacious approach.

Aligos Therapeutics is discovering and developing new classes of molecules that interact directly with disease-causing modalities such as viral encoded proteins and nucleic acids, as well as oncogenes and their resultant proteins in the case of our cancer indications. The company is also pursuing novel therapeutic agents aimed at activation of the patients immune system, to create lasting benefits for the diseases that cause significant morbidity and mortality.

Akouos is building the leading gene therapy company focused on hearing disorders. Our objectives are to restore the inner ear’s ability to produce functional proteins required for hearing, rejuvenate structures of the hearing circuit critical for high-fidelity signal transduction and inner ear homeostasis, and reinforce healthy hearing with local, enduring protein production to protect against drug-, noise-, and age- associated ototoxicity.