Oncologie Launches with 16.5M USD Seed Funding Led by Pivotal bioVenture Partners China

Boston, US and Shanghai China — (Business Wire) —June 7, 2017— Oncologie, an innovative biopharmaceutical company, announced today that it is launching operations in both Boston and Shanghai with $16.5M seed financing led by Pivotal bioVenture Partners China. Oncologie is committed to developing impactful cancer therapies to improve long-term survival of cancer patients worldwide. Building a pipeline of First and Best-in-Class clinical stage drug candidates through licensing and partnering, Oncologie is leveraging the recent regulatory changes in China to conduct parallel clinical development in China and the US to bring the next wave of Immuno-Oncology products to the two most important markets simultaneously.

Oncologie is developing multiple global programs currently in Phase 2 and Phase 3 whose mechanisms are designed to combine with immune checkpoint inhibitors to improve survival benefits. The management team of Oncologie includes industry veterans from biotech and pharma with proven track records in developing innovative cancer drugs in both China and the US.

Founder, President, and CEO Dr. Laura Benjamin said “Oncologie has built an all-star team of creative drug developers committed to revealing the full potential of our exciting pipeline that is positioned to maximize the benefits cancer immune therapy can bring. Oncologie has created a global leading clinical pipeline since its inception earlier of this year. We look forward to working together with our partners to bring safe and effective cancer therapies to the market”
“Oncologie is leveraging the opportunity to run clinical trials in both the US and China to develop drugs for the global market”, said Jimmy Wei, PhD, managing partner of the Pivotal bioVenture Partners China Fund. “We think these coordinated efforts will shorten the time between launching innovative drugs in the US and China. Since there are too many undifferentiated PD-1/PD-L1 programs in China with very few combination trials ongoing, Oncologie has positioned itself as the leader in immune combination therapies”
“We are very glad to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Benjamin to build this company,” said Peter Bisgaard, managing director of Nan Fung Life Sciences. “Laura brings with her 20 years of experience as a researcher at Harvard Medical School as well as an executive in the industry, and she has built an outstanding team of experts.”

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