We are a global life sciences investment platform with a long-term capital commitment from the Nan Fung Group. Our team possesses diverse experience with long track records in company formation, venture capital, growth/buyout investments, and drug discovery and development. Through direct investments via Pivotal bioVenture Partners US and Pivotal bioVenture Partners China as well as fund investments, we cover the full spectrum of the life sciences industry including therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics and across all development stages.

Incubation and Seed Investments Starting from the identification of unmet medical needs, our experienced team sources assets and talents globally to build and support companies from the earliest stages. Throughout the incubation phase, our team helps the companies with corporate strategy development, talent recruitment and acquisition of new products.

VC Investments Our VC investment team focuses on investing in pre-proof of concept, early stage biotechnology companies. Our investment strategy centers on identifying companies developing differentiated science from discovery to Phase I/II with the potential to deliver transformative therapies. The team includes experienced life science investors and entrepreneurs with a track record of venture investing.

Growth Capital Investments Our growth capital investment team targets revenue-stage companies with great growth potential in the life sciences industry. Based on our well-established networks, we seek to support the companies not only by providing patient capital, but also by helping them expand market access and enhance operating capabilities.

Fund Investments We hold a portfolio of investments in leading life sciences funds across the globe who have become our valued partners over time.


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